As 2011 approaches, I thought about the Dalai Lama’s statement that Western women will be the healing force for the world. Western women certainly have more freedom and opportunity and we see them taking more leadership every year. I stumbled upon this TED video clip. TED holds an annual conference inviting top leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs each year. Sheryl Sandberg left Google and joined Facebook as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Facebook and gives an interesting discourse on why we have too few women leaders.

Long before Sheryl Sandberg left Google to join Facebook as its Chief Operating Officer in 2008, she was a fan. Today she manages Facebook’s sales, marketing, business development, human resources, public policy and communications. It’s a massive job, but one well suited to Sandberg, who not only built and managed Google’s successful online sales and operations program but also served as an economist for the World Bank and Chief of Staff at the US Treasury Department.

Sandberg’s experience navigating the complex and socially sensitive world of international economics has proven useful as she and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg work to strike a balance between helping Facebook users control privacy while finding ways to monetize its most valuable asset: data.