We all love the ease and fun of dusting with the Swifter but I am having this reoccuring problem. I can’t figure out if it is a senior moment, my distaste for housework or just a hide-and-seek adventure from the universe. I have purchased 4 boxes of Swifters with the handles. Each time I open and use, I think I carefully put the Swifter handle in an easy accessible place. But next time I consider dusting, I cannot find the handle. Mind you, I am only in a 2-bedroom condo. This is not a large space to cover or an easy place to lose things!

Being a bit compulsive, I can feel my blood pressure rising as I search all the logical places and come up empty-handed. Finally, I surrender and do the Mellow Mudra. Mellow Mudra helps to “let go” but it still hasn’t found the Swifter handle.

Try Mellow Mudra to release stress anytime. Excellent idea when you get in bed to assure restful sleep. Watch this short video on how to do.