Returning from the Eden Energy Medicine training in Phoenix, we got our tickets and headed for the Paradise Bakery and Cafe before going through security. Yummy sandwiches and the best cookies at Paradise – our favorite heading home stop! We looked at the departure board across from Paradise Bakery to discover the Southwest flight was delayed for 45 minutes. So, instead of getting our usual sandwich and cookie to go, the three of us returning to Philadelphia and New Jersey sat leisurely to ponder the whirlwind training and exciting menu of energy medicine techniques we had just experienced.

Getting up to leave, we considered shopping until that little voice inside whispered “check the board.” To my surprise, the flight had been rescheduled back to its original time with “boarding now posted.” The three of us sprang into action as we started running down the aisle. Stop! I yelled, we want Gate D, it is the other way. With lightning speed, we turned around and dashed for the security check that we prayed was not a long line.

Fortunately, the security lines were minimal and we were able to get through quickly and raced for Gate D. Huffing and puffing, we looked for empty seats on a very booked flight. There were only about 8 seats left and obviously after we found an empty spot, 5 others were still being herded up and by that time paged by Southwest.

Southwest has an excellent reputation for being “on time” and the Captain explained the original delay due to storms was resolved by rerouting the flight route. When my heartbeat came back to normal, I thanked the powers to be for that one more look at the departure board. And, I learned a valuable lesson about being vigilant when travelling and listening to that small voice inside.

This was the last flight of the day and we had selected this late afternoon flight because it was non-stop. Squeezed between two other happy travelers, I sighed a deep sigh and after the complimentary peanuts and animal crackers took a long snooze happy to be heading home!