We have an unusual set of events unfolding beginning tomorrow June 1st with the New Moon. With this new moon, we will have a partial solar eclipse. Following in quick succession, which is very unusual, will be a full moon total lunar eclipse on June 15th and then another partial solar eclipse on July 1st. Eclipses are said to always be related to “karma.” Karma relates to past events and how they are impacting the present. Karma is based on the very idea that what we sow, we reap.

Eclipses help us look internally and give us the push needed to change. These particular eclipses are all about letting go of the “old” and diving into “new.” So, if you were thinking about a new project, course or business venture, this is an excellent “launch” time.

In her current newsletter, Astrologer, Pam Younghans speaks about being liberated from the ghosts of the past. Stepping into the present and launching the future requires listening to intuition and engaging a positive mindset for success. You can read Pam’s clear explanation on the eclipses at her website:www.northpointastrology.com

The sun (solar) provides warmth, life force energy to grow food and warm us through the day. The moon (lunar) rises with rest, light and quiet. The sun and the moon are here to guide us on both the inner and outer planes over the next couple months. We tend to take the energies of the sun and moon for granted until we have a week of rain or moonless nights. Pay attention to your body, mind and spirit as we move through this next transition together.

Earth is speaking to us in dramatic ways with floods, tornadoes, nuclear fallout, tsunami and other unpredictable weather patterns. The East is experiencing record heat and humidity with summer’s official opening on Memorial Day while Aspen, Colorado re-opened their ski slopes to residents!