We had a wonderful show last night with women healers discussing their work in Camden. Chair Yoga with Seniors who are loving it and wanting more. Education classes that are mentoring bright students to help them through school and onto higher education. Project Hope, which is part of the Lourdes Health System offering medical and other services to the homeless along with healing chair massage weekly. Really exciting is the possibility of collaborative research with Cooper Hospital on incorporating energy healing to demonstrate its ability to help patients heal with non-invasive gentle touch promoting fasting healing and less complications … as well as providing a nurturing sense of well-being. Additional participants filled us in on the successful use of energy healing at My Father’s House in Woodbury for withdrawal from drug addiction.

What was most obvious from the discussion was the passion everyone spoke with and their comments on the healing they have received working with these various populations. Those volunteers were filled with a sense of gratitude for their ability to help these people and they all expressed how touched they were by the expression of appreciation coming from those they are serving.

Here is the replay link if you would like to download as an MP3 or just listen on your computer. Enjoy! Click Here to listen.