We have just made that leap from one season to another. All these changes are challenging for the body to handle.  Here are 5 helpful taps for the body’s health and wellness from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine program. I just returned from Year 4 taught by Donna and find the energy medicine protocols  to be practical and effective.

Here is how to work with the taps:

donna eden 6 energy points thumps taps


Start at the cheekbones and tap 8 to 10 times.

You are helping stomach, sinuses and since stomach meridian runs all the way to the top of the feet, this is another way to help ground your energies.

Next find the two knobs at the end of the collarbone area and come down and out about an inch.

Tap with vigor. These are the “coffee cup” points that alert the whole body and awaken the brain. These points keep your energies moving forward even when you have to keep going and you are tired.

Thymus above the heart supports the immune system.  Thump your thymus!

Sea of Qi is right between the breasts and works with heart, circulation and sends energy throughout the body.

Follow the line just over the breasts to the first rib and tap spleen neurolymphatic points that release toxins and enhance your energy.  Now, move over laterally to the sides underneath the armpit and tap the spleen acupuncture points on each side.

Notice if any area is tender, which indicates support is needed and additional tapping will ease the tenderness. Spleen is a vital part of the immune system in both Eastern & Western medicine.  It fights infection, metabolizes our food, feelings, thoughts, emotions — it is a major player in keeping us healthy.

Let me know  how these taps work for you.  Have a great weekend ahead!