In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is Kidney time. Winter is about going into the darkness, quiet, reflection. The kidneys hold the emotion of fear. The adrenals that sit on top of the kidneys provide our energy. The kidney and adrenals are also our “fight, flight or freeze” zone. This primitive adrenaline charged dynamic was designed to preserve and save humanity.

However, it has lost its ability to distinguish between real emergencies and the stress of daily living. Continual stress burns out the kidneys and adrenals and tapping this area can help renew and support these vital organs.

The K-27 points are out about an inch on both sides of the collarbones. The thymus tap is just above the heart to enhance the immune system and the spleen tapping points are just under the breasts at the first rib. The spleen in both Eastern and Western medicine is part of the immune system.

In fact, the spleen metabolizes food, thoughts, feelings, emotions and helps balance blood chemistry. Tap and support these three key areas everyday. Make the body-mind connection with Energy Medicine.