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Free Wellness Videos

Monica Armstrong, Art from The Soul: Women of Spirit Exhibit and Social

FREE Event, Sunday, October 14, 11 -4 pm
Spirit Matters Studio, 2 pm Artist’s Talk
54 Watkins Avenue, Woodbury, NJ 08096 ~ 215.206.3187
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Marilee Goheen, Sweet Sleep through Sleep Master Method!

The Sleep Mastery Method is a proven step-by-step method on exactly how to naturally get the essential sleep you need for health and success. Learn the secrets to restful sleep.

Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century!

The Women Healing Women Wellness Webinar featured Astrologer, Pam Younghans discussing the ramifications of this longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century scheduled tomorrow, Friday, July 27th. Dr. Gail Van Kanegan also joined the webinar talking about the integration of alternative/complementary modalities with traditional medicine as well as the Merkaba Meditation.

Jen Damminger, Host of Under Pressure on RVN TV Online

Fun time with Jen Damminger, talking about anxiety and more.

Jen Damminger, Host of Under Pressure

Heidi Ferguson, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Intimacy

Elsie Kerns interviews colleague, Heidi Ferguson, Psychic Medium in Philadephia
Heidi shares how she came into this field of service and her own personal growth in this field and what she offers clients.

Brassica Tea & Coffee with Strongest Anti-Cancer Agents!

Women Healing Women and the World Wellness Series June 2018

Dondi Dahlin, The 5 Elements Author, Speaker, Teacher

Get ready to join The Energies of Love Summit beginning June 12th hosted by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, authors of The Energies of Love. Dondi Dahlin described the interviews with superstars like Jean Houston, Albert Villoldo, Dawson Church and Bruce Lipton. Here is the link to join for free and get all the details.

Elsie Kerns and Dondi Dahlin

Video Coach and Author, Lou Bortone

The Video Godfather and author of Video Marketing RulesHow to Win in a World Gone Video. Lou is a video expert, mentor, and coach helping clients soar with video. He works with everyone from Ali Brown to Michael Port. Lou will get it done for you or teach you how to do it or you can join one of his informative groups.

lou bortone and elsie kerns

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Maya Carl

Maya shares her own story of struggles with food issues that led her to becoming certified to help others with similar issues and plans for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


Artist, Author and Spiritual Mentor, Monica Armstrong

Monica shows an inspired creative painting for her chapter in the new release, Your Shift Matters, how 20 amazing people turned burnouts and breakdowns to breakthroughs!


Certified Homeopathic Consultant, Janice Solomon
Homeopathy for healing on all levels and how it combines with the body’s innate wisdom for healing.


Coach and Core Energetics Therapist, Ami Isett
All about your Soul Style and creating a personal look in clothes, mindset and more!


Photo Journalist, Richard Bell
Author of The Last Veterans of World War II.
Memorial Day Tribute 2018

The Great American Eclipse Discussion
with Astrologer Pam Younghans and Moderator Elsie Kerns

Pam Younghans discusses the rare and exciting Great American Eclipse scheduled Monday, August 21st. Listen to Pam’s explanation of how this will affect us over the next couple months including President Trump’s chart and the special stars the eclipse aligns with on August 21st. Also, it is a New Moon on the Eclipse, here is a link on how to write your abundance check every new moon: New Moon Abundance Check. Here is Pam’s website:

Thermography Diagnostic Imaging with Dr. Philip Getson

Dr. Philip Getson, Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging with his wife, Liesha and Board Certified Thermographic Technician explaining the use of thermography for breast screening, dental and thyroid issues as well as RDS clients. Dr. Getson is the leading authority on Thermography in the United States and located in Marlton, New Jersey. Moderator, Elsie Kerns is a Wellness Educator and Stress Specialist bringing health and wellness information to the public.

De-Stress with Elsie Kerns

Learn Energy Medicine techniques demonstrated by Elsie Kerns. De-stress and stay healthy.