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Calming Techniques For When You’re Stressed And Overwhelmed

Are you always overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Billy Atwell, from Living Beyond Your Fears, interviews holistic health educator, Elsie Kerns. She teaches techniques we can use to take us from the chaos of stress to a state of calmness and clarity.

Relax and Let Go – 10 Minute Audio Meditation with Elsie

The “Relaxation Response” was developed and researched by Dr. Herbert Benson, author of the book by the same title and founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard and currently Director Emeritus at the Benson-Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Rich Braconi – Medical Intuitive

Interview with legendary healer Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

Dr. Anne Deatly interview with Elsie Kerns on Energy Intuition on Voice America

Dr. Anne Deatly interview with Elsie Kerns on The Seven Gates of Energy on Voice America

Interview with Gina Rosenthal, author of The Heart of Healing

Interview with Marina Gottlieb Sarles, author of The Last Daughter of Prussia

Interview with Dr. Melissa Wolf, author of Everyone has a Tipped Uterus: 69 Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew!

Interview with Nancy Carman of SeniorWise Care Management – Samaritan Hospice

Interview with Brenda Jones, The Hug Wraps Lady

Dr Philip Getson – Thermographic Imaging

Joanne Martindale – Helping Returning Soldiers

Marianne Teitelbaum – Ayurvedic Physician

Michael Newell – Lifespan Care Management