Secrets to Enhance Intuitive Abilities


Three Series TeleClass including Audio & Video Recordings
with Energy Intuitive Elsie Kerns





Learn the Secrets to Enhance Your Natural Intuitive Abilities

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have a created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Quote by Albert Einstein

Each TeleClass is supported by power point slide show presentation along with enlightening meditation that is also sent as a separate link for continuing practice. This three series educational TeleClass is supported by Instant Teleseminar and Google Hangout via the Webinar Jam program.

Sharpen your awareness and emotional IQ by enhancing your natural intuitive abilities versus reliance on only linear-based thinking. These intuitive skills are part of your innate knowing. Learn how to recharge these intuitive aspects of your being for smarter decisions, guidance and healing the body, mind and spirit professionally and personally.

Join Elsie to learn practical ways to:

  • open the door to your natural intuitive skills
  • recognize and acknowledge “gut” feelings
  • find out why the heart is the doorway to intuition
  • take your five senses to a higher level of knowing for professional bodywork enhancement

Module I – Lecture will center around …

  • the difference between Low Sense Perception and High Sense Perception and how to jump between
    Stations LSP to HSP for self and client’s benefit;
  • switching stations from rational cognitive to intuitive “ah-ha”;
  • the importance of protection for one’s personal electromagnetic energy field while nurturing others with bodywork and energy work;
  • the truth between inside “gut intuition” and mental chatter;
  • the value of discretion;
  • the power of the “voice of inner judgment” and ways to silence;
  • memories held by the “emotional body” from Roger Woolger’s chart;
  • guided meditation on “inner and outer awareness” from famous QiGong teacher, Master Robert Peng for follow-up practice. Separate recording sent for follow-up practice.

Module II – Begins with …

  • in-depth study of the endocrine system supported by the subtle energies of the chakra system and how these centers reveal life stories and hold memories;
  • frequency and vibration that surrounds individuals as well as the earth;
  • understanding four subtle levels of the human energy field governing intention and the individual’s core essence;
  • EMF’s and how they affect everyday vibration, hands-on work and massage;
  • Guided meditation on connecting the bridge between heaven and earth will be experienced along with a follow-up meditation recording for follow-up.

Module III – Covers discussion on…

  • brain waves – beta, alpha, theta, delta
  • how we think with our tongues via “subvocalization”
  • opening clairvoyance through the third eye
  • how to hook-up the two power circuit breakers in the physical body
  • tapping in joy to reach a higher vibration
  • how to stay connected to your own energy field while working on others
  • Love and Gratitude from Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • Question and answer box reviewing the 3-week webinar


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