My Journey

On a personal note, I was in a serious mid-life crisis in my early forties that involved addictive behavior, declining health and relationship problems. I had no idea how to cope with these overwhelming issues. My first surprise came after swimming with dolphins during a family vacation in the Florida Keys. Suddenly, I found myself reading books on Native American tradition, alternative healing and spirituality.

My quest led me to a workshop presented by Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light. She weaved through the aisles with her enormous energetic presence waving an Eagle feather and stopping to speak to attendees sitting in meditation. Never had I experienced such a force. The next step was her 4-year healing science training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing held in Long Island then. Graduating at age 50 in 1994, I found out this was just the beginning.

Core Energetic Therapy provided healing insight into my own being, ego structure, weaknesses and strengths. Barbara Brennan felt, and rightly so, that if you were going to be working on clients in the healing arts, you also needed to work on yourself. The Brennan training required body-centered therapy. However, growing up Irish Catholic, the idea of therapy would only be considered if you were going to jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge. And, even then, you might reconsider after a beer or drink first to regain your composure.

Next, I pursued studies in the 3-year training with Jason Shulman at A Society of Souls School. Jason is the most creative teacher and healer I’ve ever had the privilege of studying under. Additional healing trainings in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Reiki Mastership and Craniosacral Therapy interspersed these longer educational personal growth programs.

An option to continuing to work on my own personal development was discovered with the Diamond Heart Training in Colorado and from there, I have found my way to the current path in the exciting 4-year Eden Energy Medicine certification training in with award-winning author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden held in Phoenix.

Having just turned 75 in 2018, I look back and marvel at what an exciting ride the past 28 years have been – not always easy – but never dull!

Alternative and Complementary Medicine

As a Wellness Educator, Elsie has over 20 years of training and expertise in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Wellness presentations include classes at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies; Drexel’s graduate program in Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Camden County College’s Holistic Health Institute.

Elsie’s passion is teaching and her goal is to empower clients with easy, effective and practical stress solutions. These self-care healthy lifestyle options restore, revitalize and renew one’s energy and passion for life.

Some examples of these self-healing and self-empowering tools include:

  • Wellness for Life with Energy Medicine
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Healings ~ Simple, Powerful and Restorative
  • Manifesting Abundance in Tough Time
  • Mind-body balancing with the tapping skills of Emotional Freedom Technique™.

Elsie Kerns is an Elsie Kerns is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Authorized EM101-102 Teacher and Energy Medicine for Women Instructor.

Private Consultations, Worksite Wellness, Seminars and Teleclasses are some of the ways Elsie teaches Wellness for Life.

Elsie is also a founding partner in Wellness Workers Holistic Health successfully serving the community since 1995.

What Happy Clients Say
Elsie’s Certifications