From the very first pictures, I was smitten. Jack is almost a mirror image of his father, my son. What an incredible experience to hold your own son’s child. I miss him already after the special Christening weekend with him. Happily, Spirit Airlines is only a puddle jump hour plus away.

My daughter-in-law Kristin is so patient and loving with him. Watching her bathe, kiss and play with him is a joy. I am delighted to know her parents are only several miles away and close by. They have been so helpful in this life changing event in their daughter’s life and theirs as well.

Jack’s smile lights up the room and my heart – how dearly needed in today’s chaotic world. Our family time together and witnessing his Christening with my other son as Godfather was like spinning through time. The priest was light-hearted, genuine and set the appropriate sacredness at just the right moment. We all bonded together in a new way by Jack’s heart, joyful laugh and playful ways.

I just wanted to share this personal happiness with my readers, thanks!