Fall ushers in lung season. If you are susceptible to bronchitis, colds, chest congestion, here is a way to support and assist your lungs through the Fall season. And why do you want to support your lungs? Because the lungs are the seat of anxiety and grief. All of us hold an abundance of anxiety and personal grief.

One way to support the lung area is to literally imagine you are raking out your lungs. Bring your hands across your chest. Imagine your hands are rakes and begin “raking out the grief, anxiety and congestion” by pulling from the center area out pass the shoulders. Keep raking as long as you feel is needed. Do several times a day.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, lung time is between 3 and 5AM. If you find yourself waking up then, take a moment to rake out your lungs. When you are doing this healthy, healing practice, add a little love to the lung area for its enormous capacity to keep breathing day in and day out. Let me know how this works.

Love, Light Lady