This glowing heart is a reminder of the yearly celebration for Valentine Day. The heart is electrical and emits the most electromagnetic energy. It has the capacity to heal us and others on many levels. The Beatles sang, “All we need is Love!”. Poetry, songs, books have been written about love. And, there is actually a chemical reaction when one falls in love. Every cell vibrates at a higher level. The body feels like it is walking on air and all is right with the world.

In love, you see the highest qualities of your lover. A kiss sets off a spark of fire. Love for others is much easier than love for oneself. Somehow it is just easier to love another first. Allow yourself to feel the love you have for another and bring that very same high energy into your own being for yourself. Practice self-love on this day of heart celebration. Filling yourself with love first enables that precious love to spill over and love others even more deeply, fully and openly.

Here is an easy self-love, heart-centered exercise that feels wonderful. Enjoy on this special day:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and feel them planted firmly on the earth. Rub your hands together and shake off. Place palms on your thighs and once again feel your legs and feet. Bring your palms up into prayer position in front of the heart. Now extend your arms straight up and look up to the heavens. Ask for all you need and want in this moment. Gather all the grace of the universe above and below in your palms and return your palms, one over the other, to your heart. You have created a closed circle of love around your heart. Go back and do this again and enjoy filling your own heart with grace.

Blessings and Celebration for Heart Day ~ February 14th!