Halloween is a yearly event when we get to be that special superhero, ghouly ghost, witch, bad guy or girl and just have a ton of fun. For the kids, the parade at school and collecting candy at every stop is sheer ecstacy.

At Halloween, everyone gets a chance to jump the “time line” of life and be as young, old, good, bad as desired. How does it get any better than that! If you are not going out “Trick or Treating” enjoy those that come to the door and take a moment to think back on your own Halloween memories. Jump the time line back to those memorable dress ups!

Don’t just stop jumping the time line with today and Halloween. See how you can do that in your life and “jump the time line” and see yourself being that successful salesperson, author, teacher, executive, performer, etc.

Imagination is the greatest gift humanity possesses and can “bring to life” and manifest those dreams, ideas and creative inspirations.

Give it a try!