Tonight is the third of a triad of eclipses within the past six weeks. We had the first lunar eclipse on the July full moon, July 6th, then a solar eclipse on the new moon, July 21st. Now, the final of the three is another lunar eclipse on the August full moon tonight and into tomorrow.

It is interesting that these eclipses are Aquarian in nature as we have officially entered the Age of Aquarius with the theme of each walking their own walk while contributing to the larger segment of humanity in their own unique way. The Age of Aquarius brings in the Divine Feminine energy, which promotes community, mutuality, harmony, mediation, compassion and serves the collective energy.

Lunar eclipses deal with the energy of the moon representing both the hidden aspects that we need to address in our life as well as providing heightened “intuitive energy.” Lunar eclipses are yin-feminine energy and sink into the deeper recesses of our being and bring up hidden motives and old beliefs to clear.

Solar eclipses with the sun are yang-masculine energies that help us move forward after clearing out the old. This combination we are currently experiencing has two lunar eclipses bridged in the middle by a strong solar eclipse.

So, get ready to shed the old and move into your life’s new potential. Set that intention and watch what happens. The energies of the universe are moving so fast, there is no way to turn back! In the heat of Summer, it is the season of fire in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so walk in the moonlight and let this week’s full moon bathe you in cooling, calming, nurturing and restorative energy.

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Tomorrow, I will be winding my way out to Phoenix for another training with Eden Energy Medicine. I will write more about the easy to apply energy medicine techniques upon my return.

Love, Light Lady