Wednesday, September 22nd marks the Fall Equinox and a new quarter and cycle begins. This particular Equinox features the Sun in alignment with the Super Galactic Center.

Astrologer, Pam Younghans defines the Super Galactic Center as the point around which more than 30 galaxies orbit, including our Milky Way galaxy. Such a powerful configuration along with other planetary influences sets us up for a very life changing quarter ahead.

Read Pam’s astrology report for September 20-26 and find out specific details. Pam provides practical insights on what this means for us personally and globally! Hang on – life is about to speed up even more as we slide into the last quarter of 2010!

Pam will be presenting a tele-class on December 2nd, 7-9pm EST and giving us a preview of the astrological events for 2011. Registration and details will be posted on my website in October.