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Open, Clear and Connect Chakras
through the Power of the Heart Chakra and the Sacred Infinity Sign

Are you curious about …

  • How the chakra system tells your life story?
  • Why it is important to clear the emotional centers and balance with the reason and will centers?
  • How to use the electrical power of the heart chakra to facilitate healing?
  • How clearing chakras strengthens the immune system and calms the hormones?
  • How weaving the endless energy of the Infinity sign becomes the great connector?
  • What it means to anchor into the earth core chakra for energetic support?
  • Why the energies between the worlds now invite deeper connection to the divine?

In the midst of today’s world chaos, stabilizing our own energy and creating personal harmony, balance and resilience is crucial. One way to accomplish this is through the energies of the chakra system.
Learn how to clear chakras utilizing the power of the heart chakra. Add anchoring into the earth core chakra center for strong support. That root center is the main pilot light that activates the other chakra centers. Then, reach out and bring in divine universal support. Finally, weave it all together with the Figure 8 Infinity Sign.




Fee: $97

NCTMB Contact Hrs. Available

No Previous Experience Needed – Bring pillow and blanket to class ~ Feel free to dress comfortably and casually.

Call Elsie at: 856.988.7426

Elsie’s passion is sharing and teaching her knowledge of healing gathered over the last 30 years. She has been privileged to study with amazing international healers and she is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Energy Intuitive, Author and Wellness Educator.