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Join Us for “A Little Bit of Heaven”

Explore the bridge between here and there…one we all must cross when it is our time to relinquish physical consciousness and rejoin universal consciousness.

How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

Elsie and Rosanna will take you on a journey to discuss how you can help those near and dear to you, even a family pet, transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm in a gentle and peaceful way.

Together we will explore questions like …

What if Death is NOT what you have been taught?

  • Fears about death and dying; what life and death are really all about

What can I do to assist the physical transition for loved ones?

  • Work with key energy centers to release stuck energies
  • The Power of Prayer, Love and Gratitude
  • Wrap your loved one in the Rainbow Cocoon
  • Sacred grieving time; Farewell blessing and Final Anointing

What if Heaven is not what you think it is?

  • Afterlife; what and where is Heaven?

Is there a way to continue the connection with those that have passed?

Experience this “Guided Activation” with the magic of Rosanna’s crystal bowls to help keep your connection to loved ones alive!


ONLINE & Receive Bonus Video, Replay & PDF Transcript ~ $97

“Love is all we take with us and all we leave behind.”

Elsie Kerns and Rosanna LoMeo are experienced Transformational Coaches, with private practices. Both facilitate healing certifications in all levels of Reiki. Rosanna is the author of “A Little Bit of Heaven,” and Elsie contributed to “Your Shift Matters – Breakdown to Breakthrough.” To book in-person, phone or Zoom/Skype sessions and educational courses, go to www.wellnesswithelsie.com and www.newbeginningswithrosanna.com