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Transcending Consciousness from Physical to Universal

  • How do you cope with the loss of a loved one?
  • How can you help someone near and dear to you, even a family pet, transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm in a gentle and peaceful way?
  • What happens to the energy body as it transforms breath-by-breath into spirit?

Spirit ascends from the heart center.
Love is all we take with us and all we leave behind.

Join us as we explore the bridge between here and there.

This bridge is one we all must cross when it is our time to relinquish the physical and once again transform our consciousness into the oneness of universal consciousness.

What you will learn in this presentation…

  • How to connect your “Life Line of Light” between heaven and earth
  • How to work with key energy centers (chakras) and release stuck energies
  • How to clear the Gate of Life
  • The Power of Prayer, Love and Gratitude
  • How to incorporate sacred grieving time into everyday life
  • Spiritual help for grief and despair
  • Gentle Toe Touch relaxation technique that calms the nervous system
  • How to wrap your loved one in the Rainbow Cocoon
  • Farewell blessing and Final Anointing

“I remembered what you taught in the Crossing Over class and I used the practices to help my Dad make his transition. You have to give that class again!”  -Susan C.

Elsie Kerns is an Energy Intuitive, Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and gifted natural channel. Her guidance explores consciousness on all levels ~ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She has been teaching holistic healing practices and in private practice for 25 years. Elsie offers Chaos to Clarity Coaching and also works with clients via Zoom, Skype and phone.