Last night, Deepak Chopra came to the Scottish Rite auditorium to speak to a sold out crowd of 1100 attendees. Deepak is a respected physician, author and spiritual leader. He spoke about the concepts in his newly released book: “Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul.” And, Deepak is not afraid to speak about the soul. He interfaced the soul and consciousness in a way that everyone could understand and offers 5 steps for reinventing the body and 5 steps for resurrecting the soul connection.

By the time Deepak finished speaking, the idea that we are really “consciousness” and how that can translate in our everyday transformation was exciting to ponder. The high vibration and hushed silence taking in his words, ideas and concepts revealed the intensity that everyone there felt in their body, mind, heart and soul consciousness. To make it even easier, each attendee received a copy of his book as part of the ticket price.

Transformations Holistic Learning Center in Voorhees, NJ has been bringing well-known authors to the area for the last several years. Entrepenaur, Scott Rosen wanted to give back to the community and birthed “Transformations.” It was clear by the attendance and support last night that humanity is seeking transformation in body and soul.