TGIF and time for weekend football, soccer, walking and stretching out the week’s stressors. As part of the fun Friday feeling, I grabbed this snapshot of our Golden Girls Annual Gathering at a fun spot in Port Townsend across the bay from Seattle. Kate encouraged us to visit this part of the world with her and took us to an interesting restaurant. The sign by the intersection simply read: AJAX in bold letters with an arrow.

Riding down the hill, just ahead was a lovely, salty marina and AJAX Restaurant serving fabulous cuisine. The menus were encased inside the covers of old 78 record jackets. None of the chairs matched or the glasses. And most obvious were the hats in every nook and cranny. Maybe it was that glass of wine … but the next step was finding the wildest hat to wear. Our waitress took the snapshot above. Great memories of being together during summer’s last days in a charming spot by the water.

Today, Friday, September 23rd, also marks the Fall Equinox. We officially launch into the Fall season and the meridians associated with this season are Lungs and Large Intestine. Lungs hold our grief and anxiety. As the leaves fall to the ground and Summer gently exits, we feel the lost of leisurely days at the beach as nature now puts on a colorful show before letting go. So our grief around other situations in our life presently or in the past can easily surface.

If you struggle with asthma, bronchitis or just a bad cold, rake out your lungs. Bring your hands to the center of your chest and literally imagine you are raking out the grief, anxiety and whatever else is there. This simple but effective clearing and raking of the lungs has proven successful for many that have tried it. You are raking out the lungs physically and energetically to bring in fresh healing energy.