Glorious Spring ~ Troublesome Allergies

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Spring is in it all its glory today. Blue sky, warm sunshine and it is TGIF! What I love most about Spring is the birds. They chat away from early dawn till almost dusk and then suddenly after singing their goodnights to each other, they are sound asleep, quiet as the moon rises. Spring for many with allergies can mean pollen problems, difficulty breathing and antibiotics with respiratory problems. If you needed to take an antibiotic, remember to take a [...]

Stop Mood Swings Strategies

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5 powerful presenters show you how to balance mood swings with natural and holistic approaches on Saturday, May 1st at Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Elsie Kerns will demonstrate the benefits of energy medicine to harmonize hormones. Rose Payne will offer insight on diet and nutrition changes. Rhonda Clarke will lead us in meditation and breathing exercises. Marilee Tolen is an expert on therapeutic essential oils. Maureen Boyle is a Core Energetics Therapist guiding us [...]

FREE Teleclass

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Wednesday, April 21st join this FREE teleclass with Jeannie Francis, Master Herbalist, Organic Gardener and award winning landscape designer at the Philadelphia Flower Show since 1999. Jeannie is also a cancer survivor and will discuss herbs for health and wellness. Bring your gardening questions and hear about the benefits of reflexology. Click Here to register.

Energy Medicine ~ Wave of the Future

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Dr. Oz on Oprah said energy medicine is the medicine of the future. This is especially exciting since I just graduated from the 2-Year Eden Energy Medicine Certifications. I am now a Certified Energy Medicine for Women Instructor, which offers practical ways to balance hormones and special tips for women during each stage of their life. I am also a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, which uses the combination of kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts to bring harmony and balance [...]

Greenery inside – Snow outside

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Plants are a continual source of fresh air, oxygen and they happily absorb stale air and recycle for you. Place plants in all the rooms you spend so much time in ... family room, kitchen, bedrooms. Select easy care low light plants. Don't overwater them and when you do water them, use lukewarm water. They don't like a sudden splash of cold water anymore than you do. Place greenery and plants near and around your computer to absorb the electromagnetic [...]

Tapping for Health – Winter Reminders

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is Kidney time. Winter is about going into the darkness, quiet, reflection. The kidneys hold the emotion of fear. The adrenals that sit on top of the kidneys provide our energy. The kidney and adrenals are also our "fight, flight or freeze" zone. This primitive adrenaline charged dynamic was designed to preserve and save humanity. However, it has lost its ability to distinguish between real emergencies and the stress of daily living. Continual stress burns [...]

Emergen-C in a Glass

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As we near the end of January with a full moon weekend ahead, it is uplifting to have it light till 5:30 or later. Staying healthy through the remainder of Winter can be as easy as pouring a packet of Emergen-C in a glass of water to get that afternoon boost naturally. Emergen-C has a 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, 7 Mineral Ascorbates and 32 Mineral Complexes B Vitamins. This is a super energy booster!

Winter Wellness Tips

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The Spleen is an incredible organ that serves us in many ways. It is a vital part of our immune system and also metabolizes our food, thoughts, emotions, balances blood chemistry. In fact, the Spleen is like our Mother organ - when Spleen is happy, the body is happy. There is an easy way to support this valuable organ. This video shows how to tap the Spleen neurolymphatic and acupuncture points.

Winter Wellness with the Thymus Thump

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Welcome to Winter 2010! Here is a one minute video clip discussing the benefits of thumping the thymus gland. As you guessed, I got a Flip Video Camera for Christmas and I am practicing bringing you healthy, healing winter wellness with the added visual of demonstrating winter wellness. As we age, the thymus decreases in strength and is one of the first glands to be affected by daily stress. So keep this vital organ healthy and vibrant by making daily [...]

Ginger – beaucoup benefits for the body

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Fresh ginger is a miracle herb. It warms your insides and is also known to be a powerful "anti-inflammatory" agent. It has immune boosting qualities and promotes healthy sweating to detoxify the body and also sends germ-fighting elements to the skin surface. Ginger's warming effect helps reduce a fever and makes it a natural decongestant and antihistamine. Recent studies have shown that Ginger can help reduce the amount of cholesterol your system absorbs and thereby lower LDL cholesterol. Even more, [...]

The Healing Power of Women Series

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We had a wonderful show last night with women healers discussing their work in Camden. Chair Yoga with Seniors who are loving it and wanting more. Education classes that are mentoring bright students to help them through school and onto higher education. Project Hope, which is part of the Lourdes Health System offering medical and other services to the homeless along with healing chair massage weekly. Really exciting is the possibility of collaborative research with Cooper Hospital on incorporating energy [...]

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