Are you a Baby Boomer?

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Getting ready for the first official summer weekend at the shore, I noticed "bingo arms" below the short sleeve shirts and some jelly on the thighs along with colorful purple veins here and there. The aging process seems far more visible once shorts, bathing suits and other summer gear get retrieved from the storage closet. I am GRATEFUL for generally good health but aware of my changing face and body. Putting on my glasses and looking in one of those [...]

Banks in Trouble

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We keep hearing the incredible numbers big name banks such as Bank of America are requesting to "stay afloat." Although they are petitioning the US Government for these tie-over funds ... in the end, we are really the ones footing the bill! The precarious economic situation every institution in the US seems to be teetering on has the media blasting messages of "fear" on the nightly news shows. Ironically, I came across a statement made by Thomas Jefferson 206 years [...]

I just wanna be the Wal-Mart Lady for a Week

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The raw rain and overcast skies this week left me feeling like a soggy bale of hay was sitting on my head. I couldn't seem to think or remember what was next. After completing an exam for Year One of the Eden Energy Medicine program on Wednesday, all I wanted to do was go home, sit in bed with chicken soup and cookies. However, Spring's busy schedule not allowing such a luxury, the overwhelm kept building until I moaned, "I [...]

Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is this Wednesday, April 22nd. This colorful and respectful reminder of our responsibility to take care of the earth was done by The Institute of Heartmath ( Enjoy this short video and also a free download on stress and the opportunity to look around the Hearthmath site. Let your heart beat with the heart beat of Mother Earth ~ Love, Light Lady.

In Bed with 2 Men

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The conference was long and informative and riding home, I relished the thought of my date with 2 of my favorite men. The raw Spring rain made it even more enticing to be in bed, under the covers, with books, bon bons and my favorite guys. Soon as I hit the front door, I stayed focused to swiftly put away the weekend notes, threw a load of wash in and jumped in the shower to clear the weekend energy. Warm [...]

Spring Equinox – New Beginning

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Today's Spring Equinox started out with snow showers and ended with clear skiies and sunshine. This marks a new beginning in the seasons and our lives following the long Winter. This is the ideal time to set new intentions in your life. It is helpful to actually "write down" those new intentions and new beginnings. Take time over the weekend to voice and write down what you want to manifest in this new quarter. We also mark Spring with cleaning [...]

Sports Illustrated – Swimsuit Issue

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Before heading into CVS, I threw my jacket in the back of the car. The warm air and sunshine challenged the lingering snow from Monday's blizzard like conditions. Spring ahead means turning the clocks forward on Saturday night. Spring feels like it is right around the corner today and summer like temperatures for tomorrow are in the forecast. Summer caught my eye standing in line at the CVS checkout from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. At 65, [...]

Almost Gone …

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The Philadelphia Inquirer has filed for bankruptcy and even the Hearst empire is concerned that they might have do the same for the San Francisco Chronicle. So, what else is disappearing? Let's take a look. Gone or Going ... Analog TV; Newspapers, Magazines and even TV News. All three evening news programs combined only had 40.9 million viewers in 1984, today, it is half that number. When was the last time you got a "hand-written" letter? In 2006, Nikon announced [...]

Snow or the Dentist?

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Hurricane Swartz on Channel 10 was excited to be able to finally forecast the first real storm for the area that included snow/sleet/rain. It just wasn't clear what the final outcome was going to be. As I listened to all these possibilites, I wondered about the next day's early morning dentist appointment for filling 2 cavities. Almost like perfect telepathic transmission, the dentist office called to suggest that I contact them in the morning to see how I felt about [...]

Become an “Intelligent Optimist” in 2009

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We would not think of putting toxic chemicals on our body or welcome them in our food ... yet, we are a nation that daily ingests toxic and negative media reports.  As you begin the year, consider what you want to experience in terms of news, movies, print. Look for stories with inspiration and learn about the positive and exciting ways individuals and companies are contributing to move world consciousness forward. Become an "Intelligent Optimist" and seek to be around [...]

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