Begin Anew in 2012

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Begin Anew in 2012 with a special Meditation Evening on Wednesday, Jan. 11th from 7:30-8:15pm.  You can enjoy the power of this group meditation from the comfort of your own home. If you cannot make the day and time, the teleclass will be recorded for replay and you can enjoy it at your convenience, on your computer, as well as download as an Mp3. The Begin Anew in 2011 was so well received, we decided to do it again. We [...]

FREE Teleclass with Visionary George Pierson

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Join me Monday, May 9th 7-8pm EDT as I interview this visionary cosmic consciousness teacher. Register Here for this FREE Teleclass. George Pierson is former Art Director for NBC-TV and was part of the HBO startup phase that led to his becoming their Creative Services Design Director. At the end of 2001, George devoted full time to his painting, creativity and meditation research. He was certified by Anna Wise as an “Awakened Mind” facilitator and founded Creative Mindflow in 2004. [...]

In the Sky – Grand Cross in June & Lunar Eclipse

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Register at my website for this FREE & INFORMATIVE interview with Pam Younghans, Astrologer on Solstice, June 21st at 7-8pm EST, 4-5 PST, 5-6 MST. Pam will discuss the upcoming June Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipse. She has a way of taking the complications of the astrological events and putting into practical understanding. Pam helps us understand what this Grand Cross, Lunar Eclipse and Uranus's recent move into Aries holds for us personally, politically and spiritually. This teleclass will be [...]

Wisdom from Deepak Chopra, MD

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Deepak Chopra, MD combined his Western medical training with the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic tradition from his cultural heritage in India. He has forged the concept of integrative medicine combining advanced medical techniques with the oldest holistic medicine we have from the Ayurvedic tradition. In Ayurvedic tradition, the same herbal formulas are still being used in exactly the same way as they have been passed down for the past 5,000 years. Below he lists 10 keys to happiness - a [...]

Snow isn’t a problem with a Tele-Class

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Thursday, February 11th from 7 to 8:30pm EST, I will be doing a Tele-Class on a special subject: Crossing Over ~ The Bridge between Here & There with Mary Ellen Jackson. I will discuss practical ideas for helping your loved one across the veil both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mary Ellen is a Certified Teacher of "Awakening Your Light Body" and Soul Transition Facilitator. Mary Ellen will discuss her work in assisting the individuals and families during the crossing over [...]

9-09-2009 – High Energy Day

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This is considered a pivotal energy day because it is not only 9-09-09 but adding in the year 2009 also adds up to "11." So we have 9-9 and the number nine represents service for global well-being, breaking new ground and seeing life in a different perspective. The number 9 also works with leadership and we are looking to new leadership and change in every aspect of living ... finances, education, health care and the list goes on. We are [...]

Donna Karan Donation for Alternative Medicine

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Donna Karan, Queen of the fashion world lost her husband to lung cancer recently. She stated that the hospital did a superb job with the medical aspects but not the mind-body-spirit holistic approach. This has led her to donate $850,000 to Beth Israel Medical Center, which has created Urban Zen ~ The Sanctuary ( Beth Israel is doing a clinical test study with aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing through their Integrative Urban Zen trained holistic practitioners. These relaxation and stress [...]

Supporting our Soldiers Here & There

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Army Captain and Chaplain Joanne Martindale agreed to do a teleseminar with me on Thursday evening, April 23rd from 7 to 8 pm (see link info below) and discuss what treatment for PTSD and other stress related disorders are currently available to returning combat soldiers. Joanne suggested we could discuss her work the new "30-60-90" day before and after counseling available for soldiers and their spouses. She is the only full time chaplain serving the 3,000 soldiers from the New [...]

Easter – Resurrection

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Every year the tension begins building for me by Wednesday of Easter week and gets heavier Holy Thursday, oppressive by Good Friday and hanging on for one more day by Saturday. The relentless rain and overcast skiies this past Saturday felt like the final curtain before today's clear blue sky burst forth with sunshine albeit cooler temperatures. The feeling of relief. It is over! A new beginning. With each advancing year, Easter takes on a deeper meaning for me. It [...]

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