Abundance Check – First New Moon in 2012

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Today is a New Moon and the perfect time to write your Abundance Check. Here is how to do just that and all the dates for 2012. The Abundance Check is a tool you can use to create more abundance in life. Checks are written within 24 hours after a New Moon. Surprisingly, you really do not even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will see increased abundance in some area of your [...]

New Moon

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Today is a new moon and there is a tradition for writing an abundance check for the cycle covering the New Moon to the Full Moon. This is a harvest new moon so take advantage of this new cycle both with the new moon and the arrival of Fall officially last Friday. Abundance Checks are written within 24 hours of the new moon. Here are instructions again on how to write. You can request abundance in all areas of your [...]

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Crop Circles & New Moon Tonight

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The earthquake last week shook up the East Coast and then Hurricane Irene roared through sparing heavy wind destruction but flooded out many areas. Here is a picture of a Crop Circle in England that showed up July 29th and notice it has that "Infinity Sign Figure 8" look, which is at the core of the DNA. What is Mother Earth trying to communicate? She is clearly trying to make a statement. No matter where you reside she is leaving her signature imprint in one [...]

New Moon, New Beginning

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Abundance Check ~ Prosperity, Balance & Creativity It is a new moon tomorrow, May 3rd as we enter this new energy, a reminder to write your abundance check within 24 hours of the new moon. See easy instructions below. This ancient idea works with your intention for abundance of health, wealth, happiness, peace -- whatever you need in your life now. Next Monday, May 9th, register for the FREE Teleclass with George Pierson. George is a visionary artist, spiritual teacher [...]

2011 & Winter Warmth

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Happy New Year! Here is a video on how to write an Abundance Check every New Moon. Click Here Tuesday, Jan. 4th is not only the first new moon of 2011 but also a partial solar eclipse! Celebrate the New Year with this prosperous ritual. Free Tele-Class to Welcome in 2011 on 1-11-2011.  You can listen live by phone or via webcast and the meditation will be recorded and available for download. So, even if you can't make the day/time, [...]

Testimonial for the Abundance Check

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I just opened this email w/an excellent testimonial to the power of the Abundance Check and passing on. Liz gave me permission to share. She has been looking for a job in nursing since last May and after I spoke w/her last Wednesday, I dashed off the info on the Abundance Check since Wednesday was a New Moon in the new season of Fall. Read her response to me: Dear Elsie, Thank you for this tool. I opened your message [...]

New Moon – Abundance Check

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It is a new moon today, September 8th and the new season of Fall. Time to write your personal abundance check within 24 hours of the new moon. See instructions below: The Abundance Check is a tool you can use to create more abundance in life. Checks are written within 24 hours after a New Moon. Surprisingly, you really do not even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will see increased abundance in [...]

It’s a Super New Moon Thursday, August 20th

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Write your abundance check on the new moon tomorrow. I've listed instructions below on how to do your abundance check. This new moon in August is being called a "SuperMoon" because it is at its closet proximity to earth, which tends to heighten its power and intensity as it begins a new cycle. Shoot for the Stars - reach for abundance in all areas of your life and watch this video about a blind figure skater, Stash Serafin to get [...]

Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century – Tomorrow July 21st

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Hang on! We are in for another energy ride with this Tuesday's total Solar Eclipse (on Wednesday in some time zones). You will be able to view photos of the eclipse best online since it will only be visible to the eye from Northern India, South China, East of Nepal and over the Pacific Ocean. This eclipse is expected to last over 6 minutes and is part of a triune of eclipses. The first was a lunar eclipse on July [...]

Aries New Moon

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Aries represents the beginning of the Zodiac cycle and we might say the beginning of the year astrologically. This is an exciting time in many ways as we swing into Spring with the Equinox last Friday and celebrate a new beginning on Thursday, March 26th with the new moon. An ancient concept for abundance is connected with the new moon. So, get out your checkbook and write an "abundance check" to yourself on Thursday or within 24 hours of the [...]

The Journey of the Blue Sweater

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You may have received this on the email rounds or when you visited Oprah's site. Here is how the younger generation is changing the world. Perhaps when Christmas rolls around again this year, we will consider donations to this kind of effort for each other for global healing www.acumenfund.org. There are no coincidences! The Journey of the Blue Sweater By Katie Arnold-RatliffIn 1973, Jacqueline Novogratz is 12 and living in Alexandria, Virginia. As a gift, her uncle Ed gives her [...]

Amazing Google

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Here's a number to put into your cell phone pronto! 1-800-goog-411. Google offers a free service when you are on the road to find the number of anywhere you are going and get connected. You are taken through a series of voice activated questions beginning with "city and state, " followed by "business type, name or service" you are seeking. Then you are connected to that restaurant, location, etc., This is a nationwide free service. You can go to this [...]

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