Astrological Energies for 2011

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Wow! so much is happening. We will go into Mercury retrograde December 10th - not the best time of year with the holidays. What does all this mean? Pam Younghans will be my guest this Thursday, Dec. 2nd from 7-9pm ET and 4-6pm PT for a special tele-class on the Astrological Energies of 2011 and we can expect at the end of this year and month-by-month ahead in 2011. The best part about tele-classes is that even if you can't [...]

Testimonial for the Abundance Check

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I just opened this email w/an excellent testimonial to the power of the Abundance Check and passing on. Liz gave me permission to share. She has been looking for a job in nursing since last May and after I spoke w/her last Wednesday, I dashed off the info on the Abundance Check since Wednesday was a New Moon in the new season of Fall. Read her response to me: Dear Elsie, Thank you for this tool. I opened your message [...]

A New Season, A New Moon and a Miracle of New Life

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This young mother in Australia gave births to twins ... but the boy baby did not make it. So, she held him close with "kangaroo care" for 2 hours just soothing him and to the astonishment of the entire medical staff, he began breathing. Her husband was right next to her providing support for both his son and his wife. Still the doctors issued words of caution. See the couple and the boy and girl twins 5 months later on [...]

Monday Inspiration

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Take a few minutes to watch this inspirational story about Dick & Rick Hoyt. This father & son team are famous for their Ironman Triathlon. WOW! what commitment! So, if you having a tough Monday -- see if you would be tough enough for this kind of ongoing determination. Watch them come across the finish line and experience the incredible and glorious spirit of humanity at its best.

Honoring Mom

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My mother has been gone for over 25 years but her essence, her teachings, her life is with me every moment. Rarely a day goes by that I don't think of her and send her my love. In difficult times, I call her help and assistance to guide me through the issues. One special attribute my mother stressed to her four daughters was "gratitude." Being grateful and acknowledging the blessings we all had or writing a "thank you" note when [...]

Stop Mood Swings Strategies

2014-03-04T20:42:32-04:00By |Energy Medicine, Inspiration, Meditation, Wellness|

5 powerful presenters show you how to balance mood swings with natural and holistic approaches on Saturday, May 1st at Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Elsie Kerns will demonstrate the benefits of energy medicine to harmonize hormones. Rose Payne will offer insight on diet and nutrition changes. Rhonda Clarke will lead us in meditation and breathing exercises. Marilee Tolen is an expert on therapeutic essential oils. Maureen Boyle is a Core Energetics Therapist guiding us [...]

Quiet Time?

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The pace of life today is exhausting. Constant interruptions and a long "to do" list seem to make everyday challenging. Major corporations like IBM, Intel, Deloitte & Touche have now instituted "Quiet Time." During this designated block of time, you cannot send or receive emails, make or receive phone calls (with exception when related to a time sensitive project).They are finding this creates more productivity and creativity. Karyn Greenstreet ( has been successfully self-employed and mentors others self-employed for success [...]

Wisdom from Deepak Chopra, MD

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Deepak Chopra, MD combined his Western medical training with the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic tradition from his cultural heritage in India. He has forged the concept of integrative medicine combining advanced medical techniques with the oldest holistic medicine we have from the Ayurvedic tradition. In Ayurvedic tradition, the same herbal formulas are still being used in exactly the same way as they have been passed down for the past 5,000 years. Below he lists 10 keys to happiness - a [...]

What a great week! New Moon, Mars Direct & More

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Happy St. Patty's day blessings today and what a week! We started out Monday with a new moon and new time having pushed the clocks ahead for Spring. New Moon weeks are also perfect for beginning projects and starting anew...especially after the last 3-day rainstorm. Mars went direct this week. Mars has been travelling backwards since late December. This makes one feel like you are slugging through mud trying to accomplish anything. But now that it has returned to its [...]

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