Begin Anew in 2012

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Begin Anew in 2012 with a special Meditation Evening on Wednesday, Jan. 11th from 7:30-8:15pm.  You can enjoy the power of this group meditation from the comfort of your own home. If you cannot make the day and time, the teleclass will be recorded for replay and you can enjoy it at your convenience, on your computer, as well as download as an Mp3. The Begin Anew in 2011 was so well received, we decided to do it again. We [...]

Steve Jobs ~ His Genius Still Serving Humanity

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Here is a picture of Steve Jobs with his Apple logo in the background. Steve is forever an icon who changed our world with his Apple technology. Even during his illness, Steve continued to map out future blueprints for innovative ideas at Apple.  Steve had a wonderful philosophy on life ... "We're here to make a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?" He certainly did just that over and over and his legacy continues to live on despite his passing. Steve lured [...]

How is this for Parking

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How we dread parking on those trips to the city ... but this system has them all beat: fast, secure, easy and underground. Here is an amazing short video on how they are solving the parking problem in Philadelphia, Budapest, Luxembourg , Amsterdam , Liverpool , Berlin , Munich , Madrid , Mumbai, Java, Tel Aviv and Hamburg. This is modern ingenuity at its finest!

Monday Morning Inspiration

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Paulo Coelho is an international author and famous for many books, in particular, The Alchemist. He weaves the concepts of universal magic, divine intervention and synchronicity into an adventure that keeps you reading because you feel his passion. His latest book is titled: "Aleph." The word Aleph in the dictionary is described as the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Paulo uses this term as a way to describe the intersection of time and space between worlds. Stepping into the [...]

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