9-09-2009 – High Energy Day

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This is considered a pivotal energy day because it is not only 9-09-09 but adding in the year 2009 also adds up to "11." So we have 9-9 and the number nine represents service for global well-being, breaking new ground and seeing life in a different perspective. The number 9 also works with leadership and we are looking to new leadership and change in every aspect of living ... finances, education, health care and the list goes on. We are [...]

Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century – Tomorrow July 21st

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Hang on! We are in for another energy ride with this Tuesday's total Solar Eclipse (on Wednesday in some time zones). You will be able to view photos of the eclipse best online since it will only be visible to the eye from Northern India, South China, East of Nepal and over the Pacific Ocean. This eclipse is expected to last over 6 minutes and is part of a triune of eclipses. The first was a lunar eclipse on July [...]

Rainbows and June Bugs

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Saturday evening driving to a friends for dinner, the sun was still shining behind me as the rain fell on the windshield. Suddenly, the rain stopped and a brilliant double rainbow arched across the sky. It was such a magnificent sight that I pulled the car over, got out and just enjoyed this colorful display of nature. Later that evening, June bugs lit the way to my front door. The sweet smell of summer evenings are so precious and well [...]

Talking to Yourself?

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Driving along, you look over and see the person in the other car chatting away but no one else is in the car! You stroll through the supermarket or any other store and people are having a conversation with no one next to them ... instead, the caller on their cell, blackberry, etc. Not so long ago, if you witnessed this happening, you would steer clear to another aisle waiting for the net to be thrown over that person. Today, [...]

Donna Karan Donation for Alternative Medicine

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Donna Karan, Queen of the fashion world lost her husband to lung cancer recently. She stated that the hospital did a superb job with the medical aspects but not the mind-body-spirit holistic approach. This has led her to donate $850,000 to Beth Israel Medical Center, which has created Urban Zen ~ The Sanctuary (www.urbanzen.org). Beth Israel is doing a clinical test study with aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing through their Integrative Urban Zen trained holistic practitioners. These relaxation and stress [...]

Bar-OH-Metric Pressure

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The flowers, trees and shrubs are drinking in the rainy days and cool evenings. All of Nature is in full bloom showing her beauty and grateful for the sunny days to dry out a little. Sweet honeysuckle has just opened and the air is heavy with its scent. We are heading into a full moon weekend and Nature is priming itself for this June full moon - its fullest on Sunday night. As delightful as Nature is displaying herself, if [...]

Swine Flu? Healthy Prevention Tips

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When you hear the word "flu," you naturally think Winter. But not this time! Just as Spring is blossoming all around us - so are the reports about Swine Flu. Here are some healthy and healing prevention tips not only to ward off this kind of disaster but to just stay healthy all year long. Purchase several inexpensive nail brushes and keep one in the kitchen, one by the bathroom sink and one in the shower. Part of the instructions [...]

Headed to Arizona to Meet the Energy Medicine Queen

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Back in 2000, I met Donna Eden on book tour with her book, Energy Medicine. She gave a lecture at the Kinesiology Conference in Philadelphia. Mesmerized by her techniques in this practical approach to self-healing, I begged the Conference officials to allow me to attend the day Donna was presenting. They were gracious in accommodating my request even though I wasn't a kinesiologist. Donna was so inspiring, I followed her that summer to the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana. She [...]

Easter – Resurrection

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Every year the tension begins building for me by Wednesday of Easter week and gets heavier Holy Thursday, oppressive by Good Friday and hanging on for one more day by Saturday. The relentless rain and overcast skiies this past Saturday felt like the final curtain before today's clear blue sky burst forth with sunshine albeit cooler temperatures. The feeling of relief. It is over! A new beginning. With each advancing year, Easter takes on a deeper meaning for me. It [...]

Reiki Controversy

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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has deemed Reiki "unscientific and inappropriate" for Catholic institutions. As a Catholic, I was disappointed by this decision and see the ruling as a step backwards. I have been teaching Reiki since 1993. Reiki is a gentle healing art that utilizes divine universal life force for self-healing and facilitating healing with others. Jesus said, "when two or more are gathered, I am there." The universal life force energy of Reiki moves through the [...]

April Fools Day

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38 years ago today, my son Ron was born. The day before my Mother's dear friend, Mary Schneider gave me a baby shower and lovely luncheon. I was just starting to think about the crib, clothes, etc., because I had 6 weeks to go - or, so I thought! What a surprise when my water brought at around 10:30 that evening and Ron arrived around 11 the next morning. I recall my Mother telling how she phoned the baby shower [...]

Super Brain Yoga

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Here is a fun and easy way to improve your brain and keep it sharp, healthy and serving you. This video clip demonstrates this easy exercise that crosses left/right brain and uses key acupuncture points on the ears. The ears contain all the major acupuncture points on the body. Children with challenging learning disabilities are benefitting quickly utilizing this superbrain yoga workout. Take a look and no matter what age you are ... begin this today! Love, Light Lady

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