Spring Forward

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Here are some FREE teleclasses and other events upcoming. Teleclasses are recorded for replay and you can listen as a webcast at no cost. Teleclass: Wed., April 11th from 7-8pm - Elsie interviews 5 Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners and Faculty members of the Eden Energy Medicine School will discuss the benefits of the Year One Certification Program being held in New Jersey, Connecticut, NY, Maryland, Virginia. Learn about this self-empowering, self-healing training for yourself and others! Register at: http://eem2012.eventbrite.com [...]

Happy Heart Day

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This glowing heart is a reminder of the yearly celebration for Valentine Day. The heart is electrical and emits the most electromagnetic energy. It has the capacity to heal us and others on many levels. The Beatles sang, "All we need is Love!". Poetry, songs, books have been written about love. And, there is actually a chemical reaction when one falls in love. Every cell vibrates at a higher level. The body feels like it is walking on air and [...]

Abundance Check – First New Moon in 2012

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Today is a New Moon and the perfect time to write your Abundance Check. Here is how to do just that and all the dates for 2012. The Abundance Check is a tool you can use to create more abundance in life. Checks are written within 24 hours after a New Moon. Surprisingly, you really do not even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will see increased abundance in some area of your [...]

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