Spring Forward

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Here are some FREE teleclasses and other events upcoming. Teleclasses are recorded for replay and you can listen as a webcast at no cost. Teleclass: Wed., April 11th from 7-8pm - Elsie interviews 5 Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners and Faculty members of the Eden Energy Medicine School will discuss the benefits of the Year One Certification Program being held in New Jersey, Connecticut, NY, Maryland, Virginia. Learn about this self-empowering, self-healing training for yourself and others! Register at: http://eem2012.eventbrite.com [...]

Happy Heart Day

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This glowing heart is a reminder of the yearly celebration for Valentine Day. The heart is electrical and emits the most electromagnetic energy. It has the capacity to heal us and others on many levels. The Beatles sang, "All we need is Love!". Poetry, songs, books have been written about love. And, there is actually a chemical reaction when one falls in love. Every cell vibrates at a higher level. The body feels like it is walking on air and [...]

Abundance Check – First New Moon in 2012

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Today is a New Moon and the perfect time to write your Abundance Check. Here is how to do just that and all the dates for 2012. The Abundance Check is a tool you can use to create more abundance in life. Checks are written within 24 hours after a New Moon. Surprisingly, you really do not even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will see increased abundance in some area of your [...]

Begin Anew in 2012

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Begin Anew in 2012 with a special Meditation Evening on Wednesday, Jan. 11th from 7:30-8:15pm.  You can enjoy the power of this group meditation from the comfort of your own home. If you cannot make the day and time, the teleclass will be recorded for replay and you can enjoy it at your convenience, on your computer, as well as download as an Mp3. The Begin Anew in 2011 was so well received, we decided to do it again. We [...]

Halloween – Celebrating Your Dreams

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Halloween is a yearly event when we get to be that special superhero, ghouly ghost, witch, bad guy or girl and just have a ton of fun. For the kids, the parade at school and collecting candy at every stop is sheer ecstacy. At Halloween, everyone gets a chance to jump the "time line" of life and be as young, old, good, bad as desired. How does it get any better than that! If you are not going out "Trick [...]

Monday Morning Inspiration

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Paulo Coelho is an international author and famous for many books, in particular, The Alchemist. He weaves the concepts of universal magic, divine intervention and synchronicity into an adventure that keeps you reading because you feel his passion. His latest book is titled: "Aleph." The word Aleph in the dictionary is described as the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Paulo uses this term as a way to describe the intersection of time and space between worlds. Stepping into the [...]

Music Maestro ~ TGIF!

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Here it is, Friday again and I thought this wonderful rendition of Bolero at the Copenhagan train station, a joyous sound wave for your day. On May 2, 2011, the Copenhagen Philharmonic amazed commuters at the Copenhagen Central Train Station, as they created a kind of orchestral "flash mob" – performing Ravel's famed Bolero, with the musicians gradually assembling in place as the work progresses. The video – which shows not only the assembling orchestra, but also the delighted faces [...]

Jack Stole my Heart

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From the very first pictures, I was smitten. Jack is almost a mirror image of his father, my son. What an incredible experience to hold your own son's child. I miss him already after the special Christening weekend with him. Happily, Spirit Airlines is only a puddle jump hour plus away. My daughter-in-law Kristin is so patient and loving with him. Watching her bathe, kiss and play with him is a joy. I am delighted to know her parents are [...]

Comical Hats, It’s Friday and the Fall Equinox

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TGIF and time for weekend football, soccer, walking and stretching out the week's stressors. As part of the fun Friday feeling, I grabbed this snapshot of our Golden Girls Annual Gathering at a fun spot in Port Townsend across the bay from Seattle. Kate encouraged us to visit this part of the world with her and took us to an interesting restaurant. The sign by the intersection simply read: AJAX in bold letters with an arrow. Riding down the hill, [...]

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