Three Eclipses beginning June 1

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We have an unusual set of events unfolding beginning tomorrow June 1st with the New Moon. With this new moon, we will have a partial solar eclipse. Following in quick succession, which is very unusual, will be a full moon total lunar eclipse on June 15th and then another partial solar eclipse on July 1st. Eclipses are said to always be related to "karma." Karma relates to past events and how they are impacting the present. Karma is based on [...]

Are You Ready?

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No, I am not talking about Christmas! I am asking about Tuesday, December 21st - Solstice. Solstice marks the official season of Winter. And, on this particular Solstice there is a total Lunar Eclipse on this full moon Solstice event. According to the Space Weather website ( this lunar eclipse on December 21st is a rare occurrence. There has been only one other time since year "1" on our known calendar with a total lunar full moon eclipse on the [...]

Astrological Energies for 2011

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Wow! so much is happening. We will go into Mercury retrograde December 10th - not the best time of year with the holidays. What does all this mean? Pam Younghans will be my guest this Thursday, Dec. 2nd from 7-9pm ET and 4-6pm PT for a special tele-class on the Astrological Energies of 2011 and we can expect at the end of this year and month-by-month ahead in 2011. The best part about tele-classes is that even if you can't [...]

Fall Equinox & Full Moon

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Wednesday, September 22nd marks the Fall Equinox and a new quarter and cycle begins. This particular Equinox features the Sun in alignment with the Super Galactic Center. Astrologer, Pam Younghans defines the Super Galactic Center as the point around which more than 30 galaxies orbit, including our Milky Way galaxy. Such a powerful configuration along with other planetary influences sets us up for a very life changing quarter ahead. Read Pam's astrology report for September 20-26 and find out specific [...]

In the Sky – Grand Cross in June & Lunar Eclipse

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Register at my website for this FREE & INFORMATIVE interview with Pam Younghans, Astrologer on Solstice, June 21st at 7-8pm EST, 4-5 PST, 5-6 MST. Pam will discuss the upcoming June Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipse. She has a way of taking the complications of the astrological events and putting into practical understanding. Pam helps us understand what this Grand Cross, Lunar Eclipse and Uranus's recent move into Aries holds for us personally, politically and spiritually. This teleclass will be [...]

Full Moon Eclipse Tonight

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Tonight is the third of a triad of eclipses within the past six weeks. We had the first lunar eclipse on the July full moon, July 6th, then a solar eclipse on the new moon, July 21st. Now, the final of the three is another lunar eclipse on the August full moon tonight and into tomorrow. It is interesting that these eclipses are Aquarian in nature as we have officially entered the Age of Aquarius with the theme of each [...]

Summer Solstice Sunday

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Sunday, June 21st ushers in Summer Solstice - Summer's official arrival astrologically. This is an excellent time to set new intention in your life. You can also view more specific information about the week ahead and what solstice means in terms of planetary changes by going to Pam Younghans website ( Pam gives a clear overview of what is happening every Sunday for the week ahead. Her explanations and details are clear, practical and incorporate the body, mind, spirit and [...]

Aries New Moon

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Aries represents the beginning of the Zodiac cycle and we might say the beginning of the year astrologically. This is an exciting time in many ways as we swing into Spring with the Equinox last Friday and celebrate a new beginning on Thursday, March 26th with the new moon. An ancient concept for abundance is connected with the new moon. So, get out your checkbook and write an "abundance check" to yourself on Thursday or within 24 hours of the [...]