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As a Wellness Educator, Elsie has over 20 years of training and expertise in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Elsie’s passion is teaching and her goal is to empower clients with easy, effective and practical stress solutions. These self-care healthy lifestyle options restore, revitalize and renew one’s energy and passion for life. www.WellnessWithElsie.com

Goji Berries – Anti-Aging & Super Antioxidant

2014-03-04T18:47:22-04:00By |Uncategorized|

Goji Berries are consumed by the longest living population in Asia and they are loaded with healthy anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties. Goji Berries from Dragon Herbs (www.dragonherbs.com) are moist, plump, naturally sweet and heavenly delicious because they are grown on the pristine virgin land of Heaven Mountain. Check out this short 2 min. clip about Goji Berries and order a free sample from Dragon Herbs ... or better yet, a whole bag or supply of snack bags. They have a [...]

Comical Hats, It’s Friday and the Fall Equinox

2014-03-04T18:48:30-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit, Wellness|

TGIF and time for weekend football, soccer, walking and stretching out the week's stressors. As part of the fun Friday feeling, I grabbed this snapshot of our Golden Girls Annual Gathering at a fun spot in Port Townsend across the bay from Seattle. Kate encouraged us to visit this part of the world with her and took us to an interesting restaurant. The sign by the intersection simply read: AJAX in bold letters with an arrow. Riding down the hill, [...]


2014-03-04T18:49:34-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit, Inspiration|

Watch this young Iraqi war survivor found in an orphanage and adopted by a Australian woman sing his heart out. You can't help but cry softly for all of us in this world. His name is Emmanuel. His light will shine through your heart. Skip through the commercials at the beginning. Enjoy the long holiday!

Labor Day Celebration

2016-10-27T14:20:57-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit|

For those unemployed, Labor Day is a painful reminder that they are struggling financially without a job, along with the stress this has created for them and their families. President Obama looks much older with each message about the economy to the country. I cannot imagine a more difficult job than being President at this time in history. For all those employed, take Labor Day to rest, restore and give gratitude for your work opportunities. And, while you are sitting [...]

Watch BiBi

2014-03-04T18:51:50-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit|

In gale force winds, tiny Maltese Bibi gets blown off the pier. Watch this young man, who had come to scatter his grandmother's ashes, save Bibi ... truly heartwarming.

I want Techno-Man

2016-10-27T14:20:57-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit|

Remember that old slogan, diamonds are a girl's best friend. I gottta tell you, diamonds, furs, jewelry, boats, trips, etc., don't cut it anymore. At 68, I am not interested in any of those things ... but know what I really want is Techno-Man! Techno-Man has the computer programs figured out and can sail through any database glitch, update and speaks the language of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and on and on. Techno-Man knows how to do videos, upload to [...]

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Crop Circles & New Moon Tonight

2014-03-04T18:54:39-04:00By |Energy and Healing, Energy Medicine, Manifesting Abundance|

The earthquake last week shook up the East Coast and then Hurricane Irene roared through sparing heavy wind destruction but flooded out many areas. Here is a picture of a Crop Circle in England that showed up July 29th and notice it has that "Infinity Sign Figure 8" look, which is at the core of the DNA. What is Mother Earth trying to communicate? She is clearly trying to make a statement. No matter where you reside she is leaving her signature imprint in one [...]

Honoring Leo the Lion with the 10 Hearts Exercise

2014-03-04T18:57:09-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit|

Here is the astrological sign for Leo (July 23-August 22). Leo represents courage and the heart. We say "Leos" are heart-centered people. During these times of crisis and uncertainty, we need to call on this sign for the way of the heart for the World, which is being rocked by crisis situations across the globe. In this August 2011, we are also being challenged by a Mercury retrograde from August 2-26. A planet in retrograde is actually spinning backwards encouraging [...]

Summer Hydrating Drink

2016-10-27T14:20:57-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit, Energy Medicine, Wellness|

I promised every time I shoveled snow this past Winter that I would not complain no matter how hot it got this Summer. Once again, Mother Nature is challenging us with incredible heat waves. So, keeping true to my promise, I am offering a recipe for a cooling and re-hydrating summer drink. In a 16 ounce bottle, combine the following ~ use glass or stainless steel and not plastic: 1/2 or whole lime 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt 1/4 teaspoon [...]

Saving Young Valentina

2016-10-27T14:20:57-04:00By |Body-Mind-Spirit|

Here is an exciting youtube adventure saving a young humpback whale in the Sea of Cortez on Valentine Day ~ Hence naming the young humpback whale Valentina. Information on the work of the Great Whale Conservatory is below ... happy summer days! www.greatwhaleconservancy.org

You will never guess what this is advertising

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We are always amazed by clever advertising. This ad is only a little over three minutes long and holds you intensely suspended till the end when you become hysterical. Furthermore, it is a "clean" ad. Whoever created this ad must be receiving great kudos. Just wanted to inject your week with both mystery and fun!

Three Eclipses beginning June 1

2016-10-27T14:20:57-04:00By |Astrology, Body-Mind-Spirit|

We have an unusual set of events unfolding beginning tomorrow June 1st with the New Moon. With this new moon, we will have a partial solar eclipse. Following in quick succession, which is very unusual, will be a full moon total lunar eclipse on June 15th and then another partial solar eclipse on July 1st. Eclipses are said to always be related to "karma." Karma relates to past events and how they are impacting the present. Karma is based on [...]

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