Aries represents the beginning of the Zodiac cycle and we might say the beginning of the year astrologically. This is an exciting time in many ways as we swing into Spring with the Equinox last Friday and celebrate a new beginning on Thursday, March 26th with the new moon. An ancient concept for abundance is connected with the new moon. So, get out your checkbook and write an “abundance check” to yourself on Thursday or within 24 hours of the new moon. Make this a monthly ritual with the remaining new moon dates listed below. Here is how to write your abundance check:

  • On the line where it has the date, put the word “alltime” – ancient cultures used this expression to represent past, present, future. We don’t want to limit your abundance, so we use the term “alltime.”
  • Where it says, Pay to: Write your name.
  • In the box for the amount – Write ‘Paid in Full”
  • On the next line where you would write in the dollar amount, again repeat “Paid in Full.”
  • Now for the final stroke, sign the check “The Universal Law of Abundance”

Put it somewhere and let go of the results. Try this each month to renew your intention on the New Moon for abundance in life … abundance in health, happiness, joy and financial security.

Remaining Dates for 2009: March 26th, April 24th, May 24th, June 22nd, July 21st, Aug. 20th, Sept. 18th, Oct. 18th, Nov. 16th and Dec. 16th

Let me know what happens ~ Your Light Lady!