No, I am not talking about Christmas!

I am asking about Tuesday, December 21st – Solstice. Solstice marks the official season of Winter. And, on this particular Solstice there is a total Lunar Eclipse on this full moon Solstice event. According to the Space Weather website ( this lunar eclipse on December 21st is a rare occurrence. There has been only one other time since year “1” on our known calendar with a total lunar full moon eclipse on the same day as a solstice.

This is the first in a “new” series of eclipses that will occur in 2011. This lunar eclipse will be followed quickly by a Solar eclipse on January 4th.

Eclipses reveal old patterns and can create a very dramatic energy for reviewing, releasing and moving forward.

Set your intentions for what you want to release from 2010 and any other held patterns from past years so you can step into the solar light of the new moon eclipse fresh and renewed in 2011. Take time to bless and release the past without judgment and open consciously to the future.

Astrologer Pam Younghans provides deeper insight into this historical event on her blog and website: