38 years ago today, my son Ron was born. The day before my Mother’s dear friend, Mary Schneider gave me a baby shower and lovely luncheon. I was just starting to think about the crib, clothes, etc., because I had 6 weeks to go – or, so I thought!

What a surprise when my water brought at around 10:30 that evening and Ron arrived around 11 the next morning. I recall my Mother telling how she phoned the baby shower attendees to announce Ron’s arrival and they were all sure it was an April Fool’s joke!

But what wasn’t an April Fool joke was discovering through the Pediatrician, Dr. Clair that his lungs were not fully developed. It would require supplementing oxygen delicately so as not to cause blindness and hoping that he could expand his own lungs during the next three day period. To help me understand the gravity of the situation, Dr. Clair commented that this was the fatal situation for President and Mrs. Kennedy’s last baby. The medical staff could only do so much and the rest would up to Ron.

Watching Ronny through a glass covered window as he struggled for his life in the incubator seemed like a long ago dream as Ron at 6’5″ walked through the restaurant door last night with his beautiful wife. Dinner at Ted’s on Main was delicious and Ron even got to talk to Ted remembering their high school days locally at Shawnee.

How did these 38 years fly by so quickly? As I marveled at where we all were on this special day, I again said a prayer of gratitude for this soul who has taught me far more than I have taught him. His kind and loving heart has been the healer on many occasions. I feel blessed and grateful for this gift of life.