Happy New Year!

Here is a video on how to write an Abundance Check every New Moon. Click Here

Tuesday, Jan. 4th is not only the first new moon of 2011 but also a partial solar eclipse! Celebrate the New Year with this prosperous ritual.

Free Tele-Class to Welcome in 2011 on 1-11-2011.  You can listen live by phone or via webcast and the meditation will be recorded and available for download. So, even if you can’t make the day/time, sign-up and receive the replay link. Click Here to sign up.

Here are some Winter Warmth Tips:

Ginger Tea ~ You can buy ginger tea or make your own with fresh ginger. Ginger is known to be anti-inflammatory and if you have a cold or flu, ginger tea can help you sweat out the bug.

Cayenne Pepper ~ you can buy hand and feet warmers at most sporting goods stores but before these ideas, the old remedy was shaking cayenne pepper in your socks. For ice skating, sledding and skiing, this old fashion remedy did the trick.

Cover your head ~ most of your body heat is lost through your head so if you plan on being outside when it is cold, make sure you cover your head to keep from losing body heat and stay warm longer. Also keep the area around your neck and throat protected. These two areas can allow cold air to enter your body and create what we call that bone chilling feeling.