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Free Wellness Videos

Thermography Diagnostic Imaging with Dr. Philip Getson

Dr. Philip Getson, Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging with his wife, Liesha and Board Certified Thermographic Technician explaining the use of thermography for breast screening, dental and thyroid issues as well as RDS clients. Dr. Getson is the leading authority on Thermography in the United States and located in Marlton, New Jersey. Moderator, Elsie Kerns is a Wellness Educator and Stress Specialist bringing health and wellness information to the public.

Wrist Twist with Elsie Kerns

Simple energy technique to keep yourself healthy as part of your self care and to share with your clients to understand they are stimulating major source points for their health as well. Demonstrated by Elsie Kerns.

De-Stress with Elsie Kerns

Learn Energy Medicine techniques demonstrated by Elsie Kerns. De-stress and stay healthy.